Griffin Learning Services

Griffin Learning Services

What We Offer

Reasonably priced eLearning solutions to help you improve efficiency and productivity to keep your business growing in this competitive environment.

The Value

A lot of business have moved to non U.S. locations to lower labor costs. However, recent studies have shown that while labor costs are lower in other countries, efficiencies and the most effective use of worker time is not addressed. Our solutions can help your business enhance your tools and workforce to be more efficient and effective, thus providing better value to your customers.

For the business owner or manager, the eLearning format can provide the information to improve and drive quality, productivity, safety, and efficiency on your own schedule.

We can help drive improvement through eLearning. Our eLearning programs provide the opportunity for the veteran worker to quickly navigate the course to learn new skills, while the novice worker can obtain the knowledge at their own pace. While traditional classroom learning has its place, eLearning benefits include:

  • excellent tool to provide baseline foundational knowledge
  • on demand, per the learner's schedule
  • self paced, at the learner's speed
  • refresh and update skills
  • consistent content delivery
  • simulations and demonstrations
  • record of completion capability

How We Deliver

Standard Offerings

Ready made presentations on a variety of topics immediately available for ordering.

Custom eLearning Services

We can customize any of our standard offerings to meet your specific needs.